Monday, August 11, 2014

A few updates from Elder Buhler! These are for the past few weeks!

August 11, 2014 Hey Family, Eventful day. Transfer calls were today. Looks like I will be training. Yeah, means I have to more a lot more productive haha. So, tomorrow I will be headed to Porto Alegre to pick up a brand new missionary ( dont find out his name until tomorrow) and then I have to train him all about missionary work! should be interesting! Elder Sanok will be headed to Montana, which luckily is still in my district. Bummer though, cause we got along really well. He is going to be Senior already though #likeaboss. On a more happier note, Elder Sanok and I did some fishing today in a monster lake and killed it! I caught two, one about 2 lbs and the other about .5 lbs and he caught one at about 2.5 lbs. these things were serious lake monsters! teeth i have never seen in my life! its was awesome. felt like a real bass pro haha. so thats why im using email later tonight. so yeah, those are the updates for the week. nothing new besides that. i hope all is well at home. miss you all so much and love you! have a good week! Elder Buhler
July 21st, 2014- Hey Family, How are you all doing? I hope you all had a fantastic week. This week was good for us here in Aguas Claras. Investigator C was baptized!!!! She is 76 years old though, so both Elder Sanok and I had to enter the water to baptize. It was really spiritual and I am super happy to bring another soul into the true church. As with our other investigators, we are continuing to work with them, but they are all at a stalemate. Many of them want to be baptized, but our scared of not enduring to the end in the gospel, or rather, quitting after being baptized. Anyone have any advice for this? We would really appreciate it. Tomomrrow is Zone Conference in the city. It will be werid to go back and see my old area. I enjoyed my time in the city, but I am sure grateful for the opportunity to be in Aguas Claras with a great companion. We get along great and the work is awesome here. In two weeks I officially make one year on the mission! Wow! one year! done! wohoo!!!! Feels so good. I finally feel old on the mission! I can´t wait to see yall´s faces in 10.5 months (we all get home a few weeks earlier because of how transfers play out). I miss you all so much and so excited for this year to finish up! Love you all so much! Have a safe week! Love you! Elder Buhler
During the World Cup! July 14, 2014 Hey Family, Monday! Great day, right? I hope everyone had a great week. This week went well. It was really fast. A few updates for ya´ll: Saturday we will have another baptism, assumming all goes well. Investigator C is awesome! She is like 75 years old and really has a desire to be baptized. She used to practice a religion called batuki (a religion that worships saints), so before we could continue to help her progress, we had to take all her saints of the house. Crazy stuff ha. Anyways, she is doing well and we are really excited for her baptism. Investigator A is an another really awesome investigator. She just started coming to church because of a friend, but we set a baptism date of July 26th with her. I am hoping all goes well. The members here so much with baptisms. It is one reason I really love this area. Investigator P is so elite! He works a lot, so we always have to teach him at his work. He came to Church Sunday, by himself. That rarely happens here. He knows the Church is true too. The only things we have to do is marry him to his wife. That will be a fun process. Two Americans who know nothing about Brasilian marriage haha. Anyways, that really about all our potencial investigators for baptism soon. This week in church we talk about service. Wow, I loved it. Service really does bring blessings and happiness. After the mission I want to give so much service, especially to the missionaries in our ward. Really though, give them dinner if you have time. It helps alot. Look for ways to serve this week! I love you miss you all! Have a great week! Be safe. Love you! Elder Buhler Mosiah 2:17 Go Germany!

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