Sunday, April 13, 2014

Updates from Cody!

Updates from Cody: You can email him at or write at Elder Cody Buhler Av. Princesa Isabel 342-B Santana 90620-000 Porto Alegre, RS Brasil Hey Family, I thought I would shoot out a longer mass e-mail this week because it has been a while since I have done one. Well, this week was fast and short, such as every week in the mission. Transfers end in 2 weeks and next transfer is 4 weeks (not the normal 6 weeks), so wow. I will be on my 7th transfer in the next 6 weeks. Crazy to think about, that in July I will only have one more year left. I am also really looking forward to General Conference and Skyping on Mother Day´s, but we will talk more about that a bit later. To update you on my week: Monday: P-Day! Glorious P-Day. That´s all I need to say about that. Tuesday: Don´t really remember too much besides the normal District Meetings and work. Wednesday: Volunteered to work at a blood donation at the church. We taught a lesson to about 40 Brasilian soldiers who were waiting to leave after donating blood. Thursday: Volunteered again at the blood donation. Really hard day. Really had to depend on the Lord that day. T.V. crew came and filmed the blood donation, it is on the internet and went all through Brasil if you want to see it. My companion was on it ha. Friday: I forget what happened on Friday too. I believe to went tracting and knocked houses haha. Saturday: Another service project. Moved furniture at a member's home. Sunday: Church! good day. That about wraps up the week. I miss you all so much and love you! have a great week! Elder Buhler

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