Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2nd Week in the MTC

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Oi Familia,

Once again, thanks for all your love. It is amazing and keeps me going hard at work. I miss-placed my e-mail list, so if someone can forward this e-mail again to Jacob and Katie and have them send me their e-mail I would really appreciate it. Well, this week was definitely tougher. Lots of frustrations and busy work. I was able to press through it though with the help of the Lord. The first of the large events that took place this week was some "Mail room mail." By this, I mean that I was with my companions at the mail room to receive one of your nice packages when one of the employees asked my companions and I how we would feel if we got this cool little paper-made suit and tie. I told her, "It would change me life" haha. To which her response was "What is your unit box #?" I jokingly told her "96" and never thought much of it again. Later that night, our DL came by and asked who I knew in the mail room and handed me the paper suit and tie. On it, it said, "To Elder Buhler and District, Love the Mail room." It was awesome to get something like that from a complete stranger. It shows how much love people have for the missionaries and makes me feel great!
   This was the first week in which we had to prepare a talk in Portuguese and be randomly selected to give one. Well, I was not selected this week (Thank goodness), but I was told at a last minute notice to give a talk in English at a Sacrament meeting for those who work at the MTC on "enduring to the end." Yeah, it was a shock. I had to put together a talk and then give it. It went well though and I felt good about it and was grateful for the opportunity.
   The final thing from this week was I was reassigned to a different companion. This was tough, really tough. I was so comfortable in my trio and this happened. The story behind it is my new companion had his old companion go home after a week because of personal issues and my Branch President does not like trios, so he reassigned me. I definitely told him I would be willing to do so, but also said that another big change would be tough on me so soon into the mission. Anyways, they said that my new companion was having a tough time and needed someone to help him out, so I got it ha. I will try my best to help him through the MTC.  He is a great guy, but definitely different than my other two. It was tough, but I just have to trust that what ever happens is best for me.
   Well, that is the summary for my week. It was a short, but long week ha. I will do my best to answer all your questions. Mom, the Portuguese word for "I" is "Eu", "please" is "por favor" and "we are going" is "nos vamos." Your Portuguese is definitely coming along though. I get to see lots of friends here at the MTC with more to come soon. This past Tuesday we got to see Elder Richard G. Scott at devotional. First devotional at the MTC and already an Apostle! That was awesome!
   A few favors to ask ya'll. Could someone tell me Steph's new address so I can send letters there? Not sure if you have moved yet. Also, I got a great idea to get a Brazilian Flag and have all my companions throughout my mission sign it. If someone could send me one (there is a flag shop in downtown Provo) that would be sweet! Not too big, just a good medium-sized flag. Maybe something similar to my Texas flag at home.
   Well, that is about all. The language is coming great. Class is a lot more understandable, I can hold conversions in lessons now, and I speak in full sentences. There is just a point were it "clicks." I have the Lord to thank for allowing me to speak the language better each day. I love you all so much! You mean the world to me and your letter, packages, dearelders, etc. mean the world to me! Be safe and look forward to hearing from ya soon. Love you!

Elder Buhler

P.S. I will be e-mailing/sending personal messages later on and Dad, I can't complain about the time now ha.

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